“I have been seeing Naji in relation to having numerous and severe mouth ulcers. Where Doctors were unhelpful and vague as to the cause and settled on giving me a steroid resulting in adverse side effects, Naji investigated and gave me a clear understanding of why I was experiencing the problem and worked on a solution. I am now ulcer free and continue acupuncture treatment as a way to maintain my energy, heath and focus in life. Naji has pin point accuracy on finding the roots of problems, works intuitive and perceptively and takes time to listen to the individual.” – Gavin


“Recently circumstances in my life had caused me to develop depression and anxiety. I went to Naji Malak at Elements of Health for a course of acupuncture. A few weeks later my symptoms had improved and I now feel happier, more confident and able to face life. I highly recommend the treatments that this clinic offers.” – TW


“When I first came to see Naji my leg was extremely painful, raw, and oozing fluid. There was a considerable amount of oedema too. It had scabs on it that did not flake away but kept on scaling up on top of each other then breaking open and weeping. The colour of the leg was a purple red and if I put weight on it my foot became almost black/purple and swollen. It also kept getting more and more infected and after three lots of antibiotics from the doctor that is when I decided to see Naji.

Naji treated me with acupuncture and chinese herbs taken internally initially. Then the herbs became too strong for my system. We stopped those and continued the acupuncture with a wash for the leg of chinese herbs.

Since the start of my treatment with Naji my leg has gradually improved and the oedema has reduced considerably, almost to nothing. The colour of the leg looks nearly normal now and the weeping has stopped. The scabs are much reduced. Since the start of my treatment with Naji I have not had an infection in the leg that needed antibiotics.

It is a long slow process, I have been treated now for 2 years to start with once a week and now down to every 3 weeks.

I know that my leg was totally poisoned and I believe that without Naji’s treatment I would have lost my leg at the very least.” – Anon


Chinese Herbs

“My name is Tom and at 8 years old I was having problems at school due to the distractions of extreme irritation from eczema. My mum asked Naji if he could offer a solution and he suggested an individually prescribed mixture of Chinese herbs. I took it for 2 weeks and to be honest it tasted and smelt really horrible but I trusted Naji that it would work and the result was exceptional. I am now 14 years old and still completely clear of any signs of eczema. I would certainly recommend this to any eczema sufferers.” – Tom aged 14 and Lindsey